SHOT Show 2012 – New Glockworx Products

Glockworx & Zev Technologies Unveil new Glock .22LR Conversion Kit at SHOT Show 2012. Plus, new Glockworx replacement slide for Glocks.

As most of you already know, SHOT Show 2012 was last week. There seems to have been a lot of great new products out there. Don’t quote me on it, I wasn’t there unfortunately. Maybe if this Blog takes off, then I’ll be able to make it one year. But for now, I’m stuck with reposts of other more fortunate firearms enthusiasts and people in the firearms industry. I haven’t done my part by doing more research on the event, but I am sure I’ll be posting more new products as I hear about them.

SHOT Show 2012

SHOT Show 2012

Ever since SHOT Show 2012, I started getting some hits regarding Glockworx. Keywords like “Glockworx SHOT Show 2012” and “Glockworx fulcrum trigger” were among a few of the popular ones. I decided to check out what was so intriguing at the Glockworx / Zev Technologies booth and I discovered this gem of a video featuring my buddy Ray over at Glockworx. This looks very very interesting since there was only one offering of a Glock .22LR conversion kit. This should be a hit on the market with rising ammo prices and the low cost.



Also new from Glockworx, they are offering a replacement stainless steel slide option. Similar to what Lonewolf Dist. was doing, these slides are designed to replace factory Glock slides. They’re also coming out with a signature series, basically a built to order custom slide. Due to the nature of the signature series and the custom specification of those slides, there will be a lead time on those slides due to design and manufacturing. Otherwise the regular Zev Slides will be available in stock ready to ship from stores like Midway USABrownells and directly from Glockworx. The regular slides come in different configurations based on what you want. They even have some that are pre-cut for micro reflex sights such as the Trijicon RMR and the Jpoint from JP.

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