So you saw my blog and you’re wondering, “Hey, who is this guy that’s trying to tell me about gun/shooting stuff?” The short answer is that I am nobody. Unlike other Bloggers out there in the firearms and shooting Blogosphere, I am not prior military or Law Enforcement . I am simply an armed American Citizen who is exercising his right to life and liberty. I do not claim to be an expert, nor are my posts and ramblings meant to be read as expert advice. These posts are no bullshit, straight to the point opinions I have formed based on my observances and personal experiences. Some might not agree with my views, that’s fine, it’s not my job to figure out what they like. These posts and articles are not meant to sway one’s opinions or views. These are simply an expression of my passion for shooting sports, firearms, and my unalienable right to keep and bear arms. I am a normal guy, I work a normal job. I am just like the 90% of gun owners out there. I am not a tactical operator returning from 4 tours in the sandbox. I am not a Peace Officer putting my life on the line daily. I am here to share with you my views, my experiences, my opinions and nothing more. What you take from it is for you to decide. I am here to relate to the 90% of us, and to perhaps give insight into the shooting community based on my experience.

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