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  3. After almost a quarter of a century after the Glock 19 arrived, it is still the benchmark by which all compact handguns are judged. Other makers have added the occasional facility here, the slight difference there but at the the end of the day, the Glock 19 still reigns supreme.
    Other manufacturers must find this incredibly depressing.

  4. awesome review and very informative. I love how you re-textured the grip and forward lower receiver this review has made my mind i’ve been thinking about it for awhile now im getting one tomorrow

  5. I’ve had a gen3 G19 about a half a year. I’d never had a semi-auto before. This weapon was dead-on accurate right out of the box. I put a Houge grip sleeve on it & that’s all. It feels like a natural extension of my hand. When using both hands, I place the trigger finger of the non-shooting hand on the textured front of the trigger guard- minimizing the already minimal muzzle flip even more. Man, can I dump a bunch of rounds into a small target in very short order! I’ve had one issue- all my fault- I had lubed the striker and extractor before I read they should be kept dry. It continued to work flawlessly- until I cheaped-out one day at the range by running 150 rounds of dirty Russian ammo through it. 3 stovepipes in the last 30, or so rounds. I finally broke down and decided on a complete slide disassembly/cleaning. I dreaded it at first, thinking it would be complicated and I’dbe searching my carpet for small parts & springs. On the contrary- I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it actually was. The Glock is common sense simple. I wouldn’t be without it. On aesthetics- it’s not pretty, but neither am I!

  6. I have had a Glock 19 Gen 3 for about 9 years. I have a 2.5 lb. trigger on it. I have run approximately 80,000 rounds through it. At 25,000 rounds, the slide stop notch wore off and Glock put on a relatively new used barrel and slide. I have shot IDPA with it and it has been my regular concealed carry gun. I switched to carrying a 4″ custom Kimber .45 apc about 2 years ago, but with the increased cost of ammo, I couldn’t afford to practice as much as I would like, so I sold the Kimber and went back to the Glock 19. I can usually put 50 rounds in a 2 inch hole on the x at 7 yds, so I suspect I can make an attacker sit down and think about it, if necessary.

  7. Got my Glock 19 today. Will be my carry weapon. After using M9 it is a whole new world of gunfighting. Hopefully never again be in a gun battle but if happens, I feel I have a weapon for the fight to win. That’s all that counts. Winning and protecting my loved ones.

  8. BTW. Pray for California shooters here in “gang Banger fertile crescent ” and our 10rd mags. Magazine drills are of utmost importance when outnumbered. Be safe friends.

  9. Thank you for the post..My dealing with the G19 was in law enforcement. The G19 and feel safe in saying All models of Glocks are OUTSTANDING. RELIABLE ACCURATE. .EASE OF MAINTANENC..and Durability…and Ecomical

  10. I was once told by a wise man, that this weapon was dropped from a jet at high altitude and still worked LIKE A CHAMP!! HUMMM remember Ripley’s beleive it or not?

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